Rehab Week 4

In the fourth week after my total knee replacement, I enjoyed noting the progress I was making.

-I could walk upstairs properly using both feet, first one foot and then the other.

-I now had to to concentrate on doing the same downstairs instead of coming down one step at a time. This was harder as it takes more bending of the knee using muscles that I hadn’t used for a long time.

– I was able to walk along a path by the river to go blackberrying one evening.

РI had a bath instead of a shower.  We went to stay with my brother for the weekend and the bath had handles each side and a shelf at the end so I could manoeuvre myself in and out

Months before when I had no idea of the date of my operation , I had booked to go and see the private garden of Malverleys through the National Garden Scheme. I was still determined to go on the hour’s guided tour.

Malverleys Garden
Malverleys Garden

I managed it by taking one crutch and leaning on it at each time the group stopped, and by finding  benches to sit on whenever I could. It was doing these outings that made me feel as if life was progressing and stopped me going stir crazy because I was stuck at home.

Anthony Gormley sculpture at Malverleys Garden
Anthony Gormley sculpture at Malverleys Garden

Who else would have a sculpture by Anthony Gormley in their back garden?


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