Month 11 after the TKR

The world expands so much once you have an orthopaedic operation such as a total knee replacement. I can now walk into the middle of the countryside far away from a road and experience the landscape and the peace and quiet.  This has always been so important to me ever since I moved to London many years ago.  With two Bank Holidays in May, I’ve been to the Cotswolds twice and the second time, walked 8 miles the first day and nearly 7 miles the next. It’s still not enough elevation or enough mileage to get me up that elusive mountain but I am progressing.

Widford Church, Cotswolds
Widford Church, Cotswolds

In fact, to be honest, I have been having some kind of rehab fatigue where I haven’t wanted to do particular exercises and I haven’t yet joined a gym.  I’ve just wanted to relax and to appreciate being outdoors whenever I can.  It’s taken me a while but now I just take my new knee for granted.  It’s become a natural part of me.

Laburnam Arch at Barnsley
Laburnam Arch at Barnsley House, Glos

The days are now long enough so that I can walk in Richmond Park in the evening and I’m getting to know it all over again instead of just tinkering at the edges not too far from the car park.

Deer on evening walk in Richmond Park
Deer on evening walk in Richmond Park

I noticed subtle but meaningful changes from a few months ago.

– After some work and sitting in a meeting for five hours, instead of limping painfully to the nearest tube as I would have previously done,  I walked along the street to the next tube station to enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful evening

-I sat in the theatre for a two hour play without an interval and don’t feel constrained or achey. And it’s not just because it was a good play.

-I am making conscious efforts going down the tube not to hold onto the bannister but stepping out down the middle of the stairs.

South Downs near Bignor
South Downs near Bignor, West Sussex



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