18 months after TKR


Rewinding back to July, life carried on and I did more and more walking. I didn’t think about my knee apart from realising when I had done  something effortlessly such as sitting in a meeting for three hours without a break, or kneeling down to get something out of the back of a cupboard or clambering over rocks.

But at the same time as the sun shone and the sky was blue, my husband had been diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition. It’s not life threatening but it will affect his life more and more as time goes on. We struggled in different ways to come to terms with the life changing news. He wanted to ignore it, not discuss it and not tell anybody.  I needed to understand more; to learn and to plan. I read copiously. I researched websites. I worried. We told some friends and my brother and his partner as I felt I needed some support.  The next time, he went to see the consultant, I went as well.

And then on our break in September, as in the previous post, we walked up a mountain in Scotland.  As well as being a milestone for me, it made him feel better as he realised that life would go on. He retired and started voluntary work with two different organisations. He told our daughters, his family, a few more friends. A nutritious diet and exercise are recommended and he started Pilates.

Life took on a semblance of normality again as we both got used to a new routine. And my knee is fine and so is he.



































  • Walking up a mountain

    On the first of September, 14 months after my TKR, I achieved my pre-operation goal and walked up a mountain.  It was our thirtieth Wedding Anniversary and instead of pearls, we went to Scotland for a long weekend to celebrate. I asked friends who know about these things for an easy Munro, (a mountain over

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  • Avocado and proscuitto salad

    This avocado and prosciutto salad can be assembled so quickly if you have the ingredients in the fridge.  It shows the importance of shopping and the prosciutto or any other type of dried ham such as Serrano or Parma will last quite a while if you want to stock up in advance of an operation.

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  • One year after

    Looking back a year after my total knee replacement, what have I learned? I realise I’m fortunate. I didn’t have a terminal illness or a long term chronic condition but end stage arthritis in one knee that could be fixed. Before the operation, my world had narrowed and now it has widened out again and

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  • Month 12 after the TKR

    It was a year since my total knee replacement at the end of the month and I’ve come full circle. It felt an emotional month as I relived the days leading up to my operation. I celebrated by walking over ten miles through the Cotswold countryside. This was my target and will put me in

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  • Moussaka

    This is my moussaka recipe which feels nostalgic as I threw one of these together on the morning of my operation and then froze it for when I came home. I can make it on automatic pilot. Cooking the aubergines in the oven means that they don’t soak up lots of oil and you don’t

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  • Mango, halloumi salad

    Mango and halloumi salad is one of my favourites as it tastes so fresh and summery, but it can be eaten all the year round. A pack of halloumi lasts a long time in the fridge and so it can easily be brought out and combined with anything else going to make a delicious meal

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  • Sticky toffee loaf cake

    Sometimes you just need cake. In fact, my daughters say I offer cake as an answer to everything. This sticky toffee cake with fudge icing is one of my favourites. It contains dates and pecan nuts, and is moist but easy to cut and carry about. I made it recently for a big outdoor picnic

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  • Month 11 after the TKR

    The world expands so much once you have an orthopaedic operation such as a total knee replacement. I can now walk into the middle of the countryside far away from a road and experience the landscape and the peace and quiet.  This has always been so important to me ever since I moved to London

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  • Pea and avocado dip

    This pea and avocado dip can be whizzed up very quickly in a food processor or with a stick blender so it’s ideal when you’re tired or can’t stand up for long. I often have it with some tomatoes, cucumber sticks and slices of red pepper for lunch. Pitta crisps make a good alternative. Sometimes I

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